Model: T-rex
Mechanical Dino Puppet T-Rex with an eye blinking, tail swaying, neck to head can be drive as alive look movement, with mouth open and close with 3 different dino sound powered by a sound chips with a rechargeable battery. Each dino puppet have a standard length of 4.5 meters well scaled.

Other Technical Specification: Dino puppet total weight of 23Kg, Mascot Man must well body build and a height not less than 165 cm but not more than 178 cm. Maximum Reachable height: If a 170 cm Height Mascot Man wear it, The Dino puppet can reach 3m~3.5m depends on Dino puppet model. Head can bend down till ground. Skin texture is made up of high density foam, reinforce by a flexible fabric and multi coated by flexible rubber latex and some portion of silicon rubber. Drive system and cables materials are all “SHIMANO SORA” Japan made. Drive mechanism structure are all stainless steel. Body structures are composed of Alloy, FRP and Poly carbonate sheets flat bars, with reinforcement of flexible ropes. color can be OEM.

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